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Endocrine Disruptors Dr Theo Colborn

Endocrine Disruptors Dr Theo Colborn The Male Predicament

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Brief transcript:
Endocrine Disrupting chemicals have penetrated every environment, including the womb, on this planet.
Manufacturers want you to believe that their products are safe, there is a growing body of literature that suggests otherwise.
During the 40's: fire retardant, DDT and chlorinated pesticides, phasing out the use of steel for plastic.
During the 60's: indoor exposure exceeds outdoor, practically every consumer product on the market. Toiletries, toys, lubricants, fire retardants, - We live in a plastic world.

Low concentration causes effects that are not expressed until years later. If exposure happens before birth, they can cause irreversible lifetime disorders.

There has been a pandemic of disorders in the Northern hemisphere since the 70's – 
Autism –1 in 150 children- boys 1 in 59, ADHD,
obesity, cancer, hypospadias, juvenile cancer, delinquency, juvenile diabetes between 1998–2008 up 90%, asthma, 50% drop in sperm count over previous 50 years,
US is spending more on treating diabetes than on education. Producing fewer and fewer tax paying citizens, producing more and more children with learning disabilities, and serious social problems. 

We are now moving to the 4th generation of people exposed to endocrine disrupting chemicals in the womb. The statistics tell us that something is wrong with the human condition, that males are targeted, that time is getting short.

See the link between global pandemic of irreversible disorders and the dire need to find alternatives to fossil fuels. 
Vast numbers of fossil fuel derived chemicals, widely dispersed, are altering how our children are constructed before they are born, and how they behave and function in adulthood.
Take back government from corporations in over to solve this problem

The womb environment must be cleaned up if we are going to have enough fully functioning individuals, with the cognition, steadfastness, leadership ability and courage, to place human health above the bottom line

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